I left feeling, with a nearly evangelical surety, that being naked in "public" is something every woman should get to experience at least once in her life. I was naked for the better part of four

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Have you ever dreamed of being naked in public? It’s a very common dream theme. What does it mean? The details of your dream will be different from everyone else’s but the common theme is that you are in public, for example, at work or in the street, when you suddenly realise that you are naked or partly naked.

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May 03, 2013 · Being Naked in Public and Feeling Naked in Private In the past month I was inseminated for the first time, masturbated in a circle with 10 naked women and watched myself onscreen in an interactive

If, however, the dream is profoundly unsettling, and you felt ashamed, humiliated or embarrassed by being found naked in public, there is a good chance you are dealing with deeper seated issues that have their roots in your earlier history.

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Being naked more often saves on buying new clothing since you are wearing nothing a lot of the time. Be careful when you are in public, though—you may have to put on some clothes! Advertising. 4. It increases your immune system.

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Finding yourself naked is a classic dream. Dreaming about being naked is a symbol of rebirth or the natural and pure nature. Besides, dreaming about full exposure is also closely related to fame, situation and the outside world.

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Watch The Telegraph’s video above to hear psychologist and dream analyst Ian Wallace’s interpretation of what it means to dream about being naked in public. Sarah …

Because for her — and thousands of others around the globe — being naked in public is a freeing and natural experience and one that should be totally without shame.

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Public nudity refers to nudity not in an entirely private context, that is, a person appearing nude in a public place or being able to be seen nude from a public place. Nudity on private property but where the general public is commonly free to enter, such as a shopping mall, public transport or swimming pool, is also considered public nudity.

Because being naked in public is not allowed the attention given to a naked person is high. This causes sexual arousal when seen naked a novelty. 166 Views · View 2 Upvoters