Jun 03, 2010 · I posted some wonderful thoughts on the ass of this woman, but my internet has trojan viruses or somethin so now a stunna is mad as hell I

“Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton have amicably ended their engagement,” Nicole Perna, a publicist for the actress, said in a statement. “They appreciate your respect for their privacy in this matter,” Perna said.

Aug 08, 2009 · Unfrigginbelievable !! I just saw her in ‘the sure thing’ yesterday, and her body still looks the same. that’s 24 years ago!! Thanks HQPIX _____

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Nicollette Sheridan (born 21 November 1963) is a British-American actress, writer and producer. She began her career as fashion model, before landing a role in the short-lived ABC prime time soap opera Paper Dolls in 1984. The following year, she starred in the romantic comedy film The Sure Thing.

Nicollette Sheridan has taken on the role originally made famous by Joan Collins in the 1980s primetime soap opera “Dynasty,” making a grand entrance in “Poor Little Rich teen,” the 16th

Nicollette Sheridan was nearly unrecognizable as she went make-up free while relaxing in Calabasas on Wednesday The Golden Globe nominee layered the parka, which included a fur trimmed hood, over

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Nicollette Sheridan bikini pics! (St. Barts – 4/14) That’s Nicollette Sheridan on vacation in St. Barts over the weekend. Flynet says she was “proud to show off her bikini body” as she exited the water.Yeah, I guess she doesn’t look too bad for 48.

These were snapped on Saturday in St.Barts. Just imagine…if these two are this kinky in public, they must seriously do some freaky things behind closed doors. I’m pretty sure Nicollette Sheridan likes her sexual escapades to include handcuffs, ropes, thumbs up the ass, being pissd on, whipped

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Oct 29, 2008 · Nicolette Sheridan is an old lady, it’s as simple as that, she was banging dudes in the bathroom of Studio 54 before Tara Reid was even born and yet her ass looks like something Tara’s little teen would do her pilates on.

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